Hater’s Anthem

Infinity Song



Infinity Song is a Soft Rock band based in New York City comprised of 4 siblings,
Abraham, Angel, Israel, and Momo Boyd. With a blend of tight vocal harmonies, dreamy
lyricism and sublime guitar riffs, the band creates a transcendent experience for the
audience on every stage and in their recorded music.

Homeschooled academically and musically, along with their 5 other brothers and
sisters, by parents who founded the Boys & Girls Choirs of Detroit, the siblings have
performed in front of audiences since Pre-K. They were raised on classical, gospel and
jazz, like Pat Methany, Marvin Gaye, The Winans Family and many others.

Infinity Song’s journey was a labored yet adventurous climb. In 2006, the Boyd
patriarch, John Boyd, relocated the entire family from Detroit to New York and they
began performing publicly all around the city. Singing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
in the morning, on 5th Avenue in the afternoon and Times Square at night, eventually
Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain became a permanent stage for the next 12 years of
their lives. After several years of developing a following and turning casual park visitors
into loyal fans, the group was introduced to Jay-Z.

In 2016, the band was signed to Roc Nation by Jay-Z, who advised them to not conform
to the label’s artistic culture, but rather allow Roc Nation’s artistic culture to catch up to
them. 4 years later in 2020, the siblings made a giant splash with their debut album
“Mad Love” and several viral videos that amassed millions of views across all social
media sites, garnering attention and support from some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Infinity Song is currently reeling from the reception of their now viral single, Haters
Anthem, that is being released ahead of their next project. With over 200 million people
having heard the song, an endorsement by popstar Doja Cat, and a number of press
write ups, the catchy single is making waves all around the world. Even leading many
listeners to compare the band to legendary 70s groups such as Fifth Dimension, The
Mamas and The Papas, and ABBA.

With this amount of excitement surrounding their next project, Infinity Song is ready to
continue to solidify their place in the space where great music is being created in
today’s culture.